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One-size-fits-all mental health support doesn't work. Syndi can help you understand how you can better support the mental health needs of your employees and guide them to the right services.


Everyone is different, and so is the mental health support they need

Why Syndi?

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Identify and reduce population burnout & mental wellbeing changes at the earliest opportunity.

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Support your members in developing self-management capabilities and accessing crisis services, if needed.

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Reduce the need to guide population to existing mental wellbeing resources or additional support.

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Measure overall population wellbeing and success of mental health interventions at customisable intervals.


What you'll get

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User facing self-assessment and recommendation platform

Our bespoke digital platform allows your population to clinically self-assess their mental health, receive personalised recommendations of digital support with exclusive discounts and get consistent reminders to continue monitoring their progress.

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digital support


mental health scores indicators


Option to setup weekly checkup reminders


Clinical self-assessments


Admin analytics dashboard

Your own customer portal credentials, where you can access your organisation admin dashboard with anonymised real-time insights on the average mental health trends and usage data of your population.

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Real-time anonymised members mental health score indicators


Insights on most used
and effective support


Are you ready to truly understand how to support the people your organisation cares for?

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