5 October 2022

The Therapist in Your Smartphone

London South Bank University’s (LSBU's) SimDH programme is looking for people who are currently on a waiting list for IAPT CBT and who would like some extra support before they start treatment. Syndi Health is a remote monitoring system for those who are currently on the waiting list for NHS mental health treatment.


28 July 2022

Accelerator For ‘Psychedelic-Adjacent’ Startups Is Part Of Holding Company Strategy

Called the Psychedelics & Mental Wellness Accelerator, the six-month program is a partnership between Woven Science, a holding company for ventures across the ecosystem of psychedelic treatment, and accelerator Founders Factory.

28 April 2022


10 Million Students Will Receive Personalised Mental Health As Syndi Health Teams Up With UNiDAYS

More than 10 million students in the UK and US now have access to vital mental health management tools thanks to a new partnership between UNiDAYS, the global student network, and Syndi Health, an integrated platform that empowers students to manage their mental health.  


16 March 2022

Why Your Organisation’s Mental Health Solutions Need To Be Personalised For Every Member

We all have unique personalities. We are all different from each other. Each one of us represents a unique mix of different personality traits. So why do the government, educational institutions and other organisations keep referring us to the same mental health support solutions, despite our differences?

24 January 2022

Mind the Mental Health Gap: Syndi Health Teams Up with One Mind PsyberGuide To Improve Access To Clinically-Proven Mental Health Apps

On a mission to help mental health sufferers find the support they need, personalised healthcare platform Syndi Health has joined forces with the world’s leading mental health app guide One Mind PsyberGuide to improve global access to clinically-proven digital mental health support.

Syndi + OMPG 3.png

4 November 2021

Syndi Health Includes CogniFit as Recommended Wellness Service for 10 million+ Student Users

Millions of users across the UK, US, and Canada rely on Syndi to recommend telehealth, wellness, and digital therapeutics tools based on individual needs. CogniFit is excited to be included in the list of recommended wellness tools for Syndi’s more than 10 million student users through the UNiDAYS service.


26 October 2021

GATC Health Corp chooses Syndi Health to accelerate artificial intelligence training and advance personalized medicine

Syndi Health and GATC Health Corp today announced they have entered a development agreement, which could accelerate GATC Health's product development and publication release timelines by as much as 50 percent. Syndi Health is a UK-based developer of a digital health platform that aims to improve the way we measure...