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Our mission is to provide people with the best mental health support that suit their needs. By becoming our partner, you’ll be doing your part in ensuring nobody is left unsupported.

What do you get?

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Direct referral access to over 13 million verified university student users through our external strategic partnership.

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Access to additional customers, information about which users are interested in your offering and which demographics benefit the most.

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Access to continuous clinical measures that assess the success of your support and services.

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Opportunity to care for a population that urgently needs additional and more engaging methods of mental health support.

How does it work?

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set up

We pre-load your product and/or service into Syndi’s app and set up resource tracking.

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referral code

We give users direct access to your product and services, taking advantage of any deals and offers you are willing to provide them.

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We provide you with continuous engagement and outcome insights about users that have accessed and are using your products and services.


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