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 24 January 2022

Mind the Mental Health Gap: Syndi Health Teams Up with One Mind PsyberGuide To Improve Access To Clinically-Proven Mental Health Apps

  • Workplace wellbeing platform Syndi Health is teaming up with One Mind PsyberGuide which vets and rates digital mental health tools

  • The partnership will improve global access to clinically-proven digital mental health support

  • Syndi Health will give its users access to One Mind PsyberGuide’s scientifically reviewed catalogue of app review scores

  • The tie up comes amid rising concerns over the poor quality of digital health apps and the escalating mental health crises - with 1 in 3 US adults now suffering from depression

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LONDON, United Kingdom, 24 January 2022

On a mission to help mental health sufferers find the support they need, personalised workplace wellbeing platform Syndi Health has joined forces with the world’s leading mental health app guide One Mind PsyberGuide to improve global access to clinically-proven digital mental health support. 

The strategic partnership comes amid rising concerns over the poor quality of digital health apps, which have seen an explosion of users during the pandemic. Despite there now being over 350,000 such apps now available - 90,000 of which hit the market in 2020 - consumers are increasingly confused over the efficacy of such apps and which ones would best suit their needs.

As such, determined to make it easier for everyone to find mental health support they need, Syndi Health, which offers personalised recommendations to safe and effective mental health apps, is partnering with One Mind Psyberguide to give its users access to the organisation’s scientifically reviewed catalogue of app review scores. These vital scores are based on credibility, user experience and transparency.

Syndi Health hopes the partnership will help tackle the escalating mental health crisis as recent figures show depression among adults in the US tripled during the pandemic and now affects 1 in 3 people.

Ben Lakey, co-founder and CEO of Syndi Health, said: “One Mind PsyberGuide and Syndi is a perfect match to combine resources and each of our unique expertise to help bring structure and safety to a crowded and confusing digital mental health market. 

Working with their highly-respected and experienced team allows Syndi to focus on building and expanding on our impactful technology, while utilising the years of experience and trust in reviewing mental health apps from One Mind PsyberGuide. This partnership will help us to expand our support to the millions of people around the world who can benefit from access to personalised and clinically-proven mental health apps.”  

Dr. Stephen Schueller, executive director at One Mind PsyberGuide: “I'm really excited about the potential to move the needle forward with real-world evidence and parse through the multitude of apps out there to provide people with actionable recommendations.” 

About Syndi Health

Syndi Health offers an all-in-one platform for aggregating, recommending, and paying for digital health services. The platform simplifies the procurement process, enabling organisations to deliver tailored and clinically proven services to their employees. With a focus on personalised health solutions, Syndi Health aims to improve health outcomes and optimise return on investment for organisations.

About OMPG

PsyberGuide is a non-profit project, funded by One Mind, that aims to help people to use technology to live a mentally healthier life. At One Mind PsyberGuide, we want to lead the field of digital mental health forward. Through rigorous evaluation of technology and promotion of scientific best practices, we seek to guide the science, practice, development, and use of digital mental health tools in various settings. We hope to improve access to mental health resources to those who lack access to traditional support, and to help people explore how technology can be used to improve wellbeing.

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