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 16 March 2022

Why Your Organisation’s Mental Health Solutions Need To Be Personalised For Every Member


We all have unique personalities. We are all different from each other. Each one of us represents a unique mix of different personality traits. So why do the government, educational institutions and other organisations keep referring us to the same mental health support solutions, despite our differences? Can our mental health really fit into the so-called one-size-fits-all approach?  

The answer is, of course, no. The latest Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB) report, Boosting employee engagement through benefits choice, highlights how the needs and experiences of different groups vary significantly. Leaders need to offer choice in mental health support offerings to meet the diverse needs of their organisation, especially since the pandemic has exacerbated mental health concerns in the UK, with more people suffering from stress, anxiety, loneliness and depression than ever before.

In another report by Mercer Marsh Benefits (UK employee benefits and technology trends) just over half (55%) of employees stated they felt they received the support they needed at the right time despite a majority of companies (69%) increasing their benefit spend considerably during the pandemic. This could suggest that the support available needs to be more personalised and given in a timelier manner – long waiting times can often prevent people from seeking treatment.



In an attempt to sort out the crowded and overwhelmed mental health app market, help organisations make better-informed decisions about their members’ wellbeing and ensure everyone finds the right support when they need it, we’ve partnered up with the largest student affinity network to make this change possible for millions of young adults. 

More than 10 million students in the UK and US now have access to vital mental health management tools thanks to a new partnership between UNiDAYS, the global student network, and Syndi Health, an integrated platform that empowers students to manage their mental health. UNiDAYS members can now use Syndi to get recommended the best and safest support app, tailored for their individual needs. This puts an end to the trial-and-error methods of finding effective digital health support.  

“We’re seeing shocking rates of decline for mental health among students. There is no one app that is a magic cure and searching out the right digital support can be overwhelming in itself. UNiDAYS partnership with Syndi gives millions of students who are searching for effective and affordable support a way through the chaos to get the support they need, when they need it,” said Ben Lakey, co-founder and CEO of Syndi Health.

We have seen high engagement rates amongst young adults, suggesting that there is an urgent need for personalised and effective support. Following our goal of providing the right mental health support at the right time and making sure that nobody feels unsupported outside of clinical settings, we will continue supporting the students in developing self-management capabilities and accessing crisis services, if needed.

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