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 28 April 2022

10 Million Students Will Receive Personalised Mental Health As Syndi Health Teams Up With UNiDAYS

  • Hard-hit students on UNiDAYS can now use Syndi’s medically-approved care navigation platform to receive personalised guidance to effective mental health and wellbeing apps and online services

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LONDON, United Kingdom, 28 April 2022

More than 10 million students in the UK and US now have access to vital mental health management tools thanks to a new partnership between UNiDAYS, the global student network, and Syndi Health, an integrated platform that empowers students to manage their mental health.  

The ongoing decline of mental wellbeing among students is a crisis felt across university campuses globally. New reports have found that large numbers of students are struggling to pick up their pre-pandemic lifestyles after nearly two years of social disruption and online learning. Students actively seeking out ways to improve their mental health, and overcome issues like moderate or severe anxiety, are overwhelmed by app stores touting 30,000 mental health apps that each claim to deliver digital health and wellbeing therapies.

UNiDAYS members can now use Syndi to recommend the best and safest support app, tailored for their individual needs. This puts an end to the trial-and-error methods of finding effective digital health support.  

“We’re seeing shocking rates of decline for mental health among students. There is no one app that is a magic cure and searching out the right digital support can be overwhelming in itself. UNiDAYS partnership with Syndi gives millions of students who are searching for effective and affordable support a way through the chaos to get the support they need, when they need it,” said
Ben Lakey, co-founder and CEO of Syndi Health.

Through this new collaboration, UNiDAYS members will be able to benefit from a wide range of mental health and wellbeing apps, exclusive deals and student discounts, and other support resources. With this partnership, both parties expect to offer students ongoing digital mental health support that is a valuable addition to the on-campus support universities themselves provide.

“Syndi is a vital partner in developing our understanding of the student mental wellbeing landscape. Our partnership feels like a match made in heaven, so watch this space. We have some exciting developments coming up,” added
Sam Grantson, Growth Success Manager at UNiDAYS.

With easy access to clinical mental health and wellbeing surveys, weekly progress tracking features and personalised guidance to university resources, apps, and online support Syndi is here to support EVERY student EVERY step of their way. 

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About Syndi Health

Syndi Health offers an all-in-one platform for aggregating, recommending, and paying for digital health services. The platform simplifies the procurement process, enabling organisations to deliver tailored and clinically proven services to their employees. With a focus on personalised health solutions, Syndi Health aims to improve health outcomes and optimise return on investment for organisations.


UNiDAYS is the world’s largest Student Affinity Network. With over 20 million verified members across 114 markets, they take 800 of the biggest brands into the hearts and minds of tomorrow’s professionals. UNiDAYS supports, enables and inspires young people to be their best selves, powering next-gen learning, earning and retail experiences.

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